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    2 0 1 3   B I R E L   K A R T S   I N   S T O C K   N O W !!!

Freeline is among the most known and successful trademarks in the world for karting accessories. Other than mounting on every Birel kart, Freeline accessories have been chosen by many other karting manufacturers thanks to the exceptional quality. Quality and efficiency is in fact the factory’s trademark for Freeline production which includes brake systems, inlet silencers, wheels, steering wheels, axles, spindles and all the other components of a kart. Behind the Freeline success, there is research and development, advanced project and technical development, and data of countless hours of testing on tracks and in the laboratory. The target that inspires every project is the research of effectiveness in terms of performance, reliability and practicality, which are all determining aspects for the racing use.  Every Freeline product is a sought-after design in every single detail, with features greatly appreciated by passionate karters.

Among the 2009 novelties presented by Freeline,
we see the new front spindle “big” A, the stem is interchangeable. It is equipped with a specific key for the 25 mm ring nut B. This option allows you to vary the material on the stem just like the axles which make it simple to modify the front end based on your needs.


Another novelty is the simple and functional machined footrest C to attach on the kart. A lot of care has been given in the design, these items will be mounted as standard on the top of the line of Birel’s production and are also adaptable on any kart.

On the subject of brake systems, a cast iron disc “W” has been introduced which is an
alternative to the steel one, being either for the rear D or front E.

The cast iron discs permits you to maintain a lower temperature, higher modulation braking therefore making it softer. The device to save from hits is useful and functional to protect the brake disc F, while the new 6 pin magnesium wheels G will also be available in size 180 for youth categories.

After a long experimental phase, from 2009, front hubs H will be available and all rear end components are in magnesium: support axle bearing H, brake disc carrier M, crown carrier N, to hubs I, pods O, new homologation (CIK 2009-2014) that has maintained the previous line but were optimized in the weight of about 1.5 kg.

A Motorsport sticker kit with new graphics and finally among the accessories of great success is the Tillet seat by Freeline P and the steering column Q which acts on the tie rods for dozens of possible combinations.


Components in magnesium compared to aluminum, offer you an advantage from the weight.
To give you a maximum benefit, if you were to use all magnesium components on the rear end, the overall weight of about 1.3 kg would be reducedIn fact every magnesium component makes the kart lighter and allows it to slide better, playing an important part in case your needs would be to reduce the grip of the kart to the front end or to the rear end as these situations happen when you have a track that accumulates a lot of rubber.



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